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Antoine VINCENT is superbly painting family intimacy. Children’s homely occupations; their games on the beach; happy instants in the quietness of a well-ordered interior; beautiful portraits also, individual or family ones, and vacation scenes in Bretagne or Italy…. The painting of Antoine Vincent is resolutely realistic, but it contains a peculiar stylization, a kind of esthetical sublimation. His compositions breathe an atmosphere of serenity, of wealthy and quiet happiness.  His painter’s palette, made of cool and subdued colours, gives to his pictures a Gustavian look.  Nothing Swedish however for this artist! He was born in Casablanca (Morocco) in 1956 and is the grand-child of the French painter Maurice Perrot.  After classical studies and a graduation in law, Antoine Vincent has first been a musician. He went to the Parisian ‘Conservatoire de Musique’, while painting on one’s own.  It is his encounter in 1990 with the painter Philippe Lejeune, from whom he became the pupil, which decided him to devote himself completely to painting. Since then, honors flowed toward him.  Antoine Vincent became successively Member and Gold Medal of the ‘Salon des Artistes Français’; Member of the ‘Taylor Foundation’, where he received the Grand Prix ‘BEJA’ in 1996; Grand Prix of the ‘Salon de l’Armée’ ( Hôtel des Invalides, Paris); Official Painter of the French Army; Noufflard First Price of the ‘Fondation de France’…

  • Antoine VINCENT - "Cache-cache" (Verstoppertje) - huile/toile 55x38cm

  • Antoine VINCENT "Occupée" (Bezet) - huile/toile 68x54cm

  • Antoine VINCENT "La vague" (De golf) - huile/toile 150x50cm

  • Antoine VINCENT - "L'ombre du grand frère" (De schaduw van de grote broer) - huile/toile 90x30cm

  • Antoine VINCENT "La sieste sicilienne" (De Siciliaanse siësta) - huile/papier 50x40cm

  • Antoine VINCENT "Le fauteuil à bascule" (De schommelstoel) - huile/papier 50x40cm

  • Antoine VINCENT "Ker Mamé" (Huize 'Ker Mamé' in Bretagne) - huile/toile 65x46cm

  • Antoine Vincent "Le 'coing' d'atelier" - huile/toile 75x25cm

  • Antoine VINCENT "Le scooter noir" (De zwarte scooter) - huile/toile 50x50cm

  • Antoine VINCENT "La Salute à Venise" (de Salute in Venetië) - huile/papier 60x40cm