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Patrice Mesnier was born in Paris in 1945. He inherited his artistic sense through his father Paul Mesnier, a film producer, and his mother Andrée Servilanges an actress and pupil of one of France’s most famous artists the late Louis Jouvet.  Mesnier is attracted by art at a very young age. 
In 1959, he is then 14 years old, he takes art classes at the famous Académie Julian where before him such artists as Pierre Bonnard, Lovis Corinth, Marcel Duchamp, Fernand Knopf an Henri Matisse attended art-colleges.  Fascinated by horses he starts riding at 11 years of age and translates his equine passion through his drawings.  
At 15 years of age only he already has had several solo exhibitions and participates at the Salon l’Art Libre et de la Jeune Peinture. One year later in Montparnasse he discovers sculpture with his fellow artists Jean Tinguely and Nicky de Saint-Phalle in the old studio of Brancusi. Del Debbio then teaches him.  
Having finished his research he chooses iron to be the support of his art which will give him a great freedom of expression and allow him to translate movement as his main subject. 
Movement is certainly the expression, which excels in Mesniers’ art.  
His subjects are captured in chases as well as in effort with an astonishing lightness, they seem like captured in space. 
Important collectors around the world have acquired work by Mesnier.  He was exhibited in various salons and was selected by the Taylor Foundation. He also held exhibitions in Paris, Brussels, Boston, Nançay, Rambouillet, Marly-le-Roi, La-Celle-Saint-Cloud, Saumur, Chantilly and many more.