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The sculptures of Gilles CANDELIER have a geometric figuration; living geometry of the human or animal body, often associated with pure geometry. Thus, small-sized modules provide several rhythmic or individualized design solutions. The themes, more evocative than descriptive, strive for paradoxes: balance/imbalance, unfinishment/refinement, fragility, lightness and even metal-translucency. Very personal formatting techniques of copper metals (copper, brass, bronze) highlight the materials, textures, patinas and oxidations.
Gilles Candelier was born in 1942 in Rodez (France). He studied Applied Arts in Paris until 1964. He finished his training at the workshop of Martin-Talboutier and followed guidance of Roger Plin, Pierre Brun, Etienne Martin et Jacques Zwobada.

  • "Le Printemps"

  • "Elévation"

  • "Passants"

  • "Sisyphe au soleil couchant"

  • "Tranches de vie"

  • "Torse féminin"

  • "La source"

  • "Torse masculin"

  • "La fin du voyage"