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Anne ITZYKSON’s passion for art began when she was 16 years old and saw a poster for an exhibition by the 19th-century classical sculptor Jean-Jacques Pradier. « - The poster showed a close-up of the back of a woman sitting on a velvet cushion," Itzykson recalled. "I remember asking my grandmother to take me to see this show although at the time I was not yet interested in sculpture. The softness, the femininity and versatility of this marble cushion really struck me." As a teenager, Itzykson did not think that art was a career option, so she chose to study marketing, doing a master's in the United States.  Itzykson worked in marketing for several years before turning fully to art. It wasn't an easy path because using bronze and marble is quite a labour intensive process. Today, working from her atelier in the 20th district of Paris, Anne ITZYKSON is among the unusual breed of artists whom currently devote themselves to bronze and marble, carrying on the tradition of sculptors such as Auguste Rodin, one of her inspirators as she cites.

  • "À venir" - Carrara marble - h: 53 cm

  • "Grain de sable" - bronze - h:56 cm

  • "Sarah" - bronze - h:42 cm

  • "Le Pont" - bronze - h: 20 cm

  • "Élégante" - bronze - h:14 cm

  • "Petit Pont" - plexiglass - h:8,5 cm

  • "Le Cerceau" - bronze - h:49 cm

  • "Aurore" - terra cotta - h:66 cm

  • "Le Baiser" - bronze - h:33 cm

  • "Le Fil" - bronze - h:17 cm