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Away from dogmas and stereotypes, Yvan ERPELDINGER’s work germinated from the contradiction between strictness and balance on the one side and coincidence and the unexpected on the other. This discordance makes his work so atypical, through his rigorous constructions mixed with flexible shapes. It astonishes by his representations of half-angel, half-symbol female creatures, and overturns with his colour juxtapositions, like rays of light.  From these contradictions, skilfully worked out by the painter, follows a harmony of colour and shapes, which makes up all the originality of his creations. 
Born in Lorraine in 1936, Yvan Erpeldinger took lectures at the art schools of Nancy and Paris. He was also a pupil of sculptor Sinapi and an art consultant for the City of Toulouse.  His exhibitions are countless: in France, but also in Berlin, Frankfurt, Warsaw, Stockholm, Genth, Madrid, Barcelona, Mexico, Los Angeles, etc...
Yvan Erpeldinger will exhibit his works from Sept. 20 up to Oct. 30, 2014 at Chikabee Art Gallery in De Haan (Belgium)