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Still very young, Yann LETESTU made a family trip across the Atlantic from Marseille to Venezuela.  This one-year sailing trip left him a lifelong love for traveling and painting. As a freedom-lover, Yann portrays the great sea spaces, where water and sky merge. His timeless landscapes bear the stamp of his travel impressions as well as memories and invite the imagination.  Yann Letestu paints his works in a mixture of materials where oil, watercolour and ink can be distinguished, on canvas, wood, and particularly on marine charts, on which he stages travellers, their luggage on the wharf gazing the horizon towards unsuspected lands. 
Born in 1977, Yann Letestu lives two steps away from the “Vieux Port” of Marseille. He graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts of Orleans. Painter and Orientalist, away from art movements, he also realized opera decors and illustrations for the publishing world. His scenes of ships and sailboats are particularly popular with collectors.

  • Yann LETESTU - 'Bord de Mer' - 100x73 cm