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René TWEEHUYSEN paints layer upon layer and in very varied, sometimes subtle sometimes wide oil touches.  The canvas or panel initially receives a coating of preparation, then a layer of color in middle tone. Upon this imprimatur he paints an underpainting, and in a subsequent layer, some parties will be further developed.  Recurring themes in the work of René Tweehuysen are: portraits, animals, landscapes, still lifes and all combinations thereof.
René Tweehuysen was born in Utrecht in 1957.  He completed his education from 1978 to 1983 at the Utrecht Academy of Arts and, after an abstract period, he established himself as a figurative painter. Since 1999 he lives and works on the Frisian coast in the extreme north of the Netherlands.

  • "Good Morning" - oil on canvas 55x95 cm

  • "Verborgen zon" - oil and tempera on panel 45x45 cm

  • "Flin" - oil and tempera on panel 25x30 cm

  • "Violet" - oil on canvas 60x100 cm

  • "Cupcake" - oil and tempera on panel 22x25 cm

  • "Bank" - oil on canvas 110x80 cm

  • "Mariska" - oil on canvas 80x50 cm

  • "Bolspiegel met clementine" - oil on panel 27x45 cm

  • "Hooimaand" - oil on panel 33x40 cm

  • "Scheepswerf" - oil on canvas 43x65 cm