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Pierre Yermia develops for almost thirty years a singular work made of human and animal figures.  His production is a constant strive to moments of precarious and unlikely balance, where strength and fragility simultaneously confront.  His figures challenge the gravity laws. Their shapes are elongated and the frail limbs contrast with the heavy chests. The heads, reduced to the essential, culminate on long slender necks.  Yermia’s work reminds sometimes to Giacometti’s. Like him, he depicts through spindly and emaciated figures a vulnerable and endangered humanity, but his undertone is serener, more confident in human’s future.  Yermia also produces on-demand monumental pieces for public places and private gardens. Pierre Yermia was born in 1964 at Suresnes (France).  He studied at the Academies of Toulouse (1982-84) and Paris (1984-88). Today he lives and works at Charenton-le-Pont nearby Paris.  Yermia participated in a multitude of exhibitions all over France, but also in UK, the United States and The Netherlands.

  • Pierre Yermia - " Feline III " - bronze

  • Pierre Yermia - " Tall figure with raised arms " - bronze, 132x25x27 cm.

  • Pierre Yermia - " Three Horses I " - bronze, 93x30x52 cm

  • Pierre Yermia - " Big reclining figure " bronze, 120x46x17 cm

  • Pierre Yermia - " Bull III " - bronze, 60x50x16 cm

  • Pierre Yermia - " Flight " - bronze, 60x40x40 cm

  • Pierre Yermia - " Three standing figures V " - bronze, 63 x18x14 cm

  • Pierre Yermia - " Tall sitting figure I " - bronze, 111x22x24 cm

  • Pierre Yermia - " Horse XIII " - bronze, 58x48x16 cm

  • Pierre Yermia - " Tall standing figure I " - bronze, 135x28x27 cm