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Peter HARTWIG is mainly painting interior scenes, people and landscapes, in well thought out colors and tones, which give his works a clear impressionistic touch. He belongs also to these “New Realists” who got their schooling at the Minerva Academy in Groningen (NL).  He is but a bit specific, while searching a balance between realism and abstraction.  His realism becomes relativized through abstraction of details and composition, a diffuse treatment of light, which is softened by the colors. Following his own fantasy, Hartwig creates this way the unique character of his pictures.
His persons confound themselves in the scenery and become almost abstract elements in his compositions.  His landscapes are constructed through a whole of stylized lines and colorful flatten with vague contours, and their horizon lays often very high or is even inexistent.
Peter Hartwig is born in Hoogezand (NL) in 1963. He was the pupil of Diederik Kraaijpoel and Matthijs Rölling, who taught him the art of blurring details. But Claude Monet remains his first point of contact.  Hartwig is present in the Drents Museum and ING Bank collections.

  • Peter HARTWIG - "Zondagochtend" -olie op doek 50x50 cm

  • Peter HARTWIG - "Het laatste tafeltje" - olie op paneel 24x32 cm

  • Peter HARTWIG - "Menukaart" - olie op paneel 20x20 cm

  • Peter HARTWIG - "De dienster" - olie op paneel 50x50 cm

  • Peter HARTWIG - "Ober" - olie op paneel 24x32 cm

  • Peter HARTWIG

  • Peter HARTWIG - "Parijs" - olie op doek 40x80 cm

  • Peter HARTWIG

  • Peter HARTWIG - "Telefoon" - olie op paneel 40x40 cm

  • Peter HARTWIG