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Pascale MARCHESINI ARNAL explores new paths, another very personal way of seeing and feeling life ...  Her unique style exacerbates feelings, questions, emotions and the evidences of our lives, to make them more readable and talking.  Pascale’s topics plunge us into a weird universe made up by a crowd of strange human stilt-walkers, with long outstretched bodies, and phantasmagorical illusions full of haunting, sometimes disturbing poetry.  She makes large bronzes, and other sculptures of bone, metal and patinated paper, unicums as are virtually all her creations. 
Pascale Marchesini was born in 1960. In more than 20 years, she participated in over 30 exhibitions, was granted several awards (she is a Member of the Taylor Foundation), and is a permanent artist of four French galleries.

  • "La levrette" - brons (unicum)

  • "S'abreuver de rêves" - ijzer, bot en gepatineerd papier

  • "Oh! que c'est froid!" - brons (unicum)

  • "Jusqu'au bout du Monde" - ijzer, bot en gepatineerd papier

  • "Embrasser la Lune en baskets" - brons (unicum)