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Olivier LAVOREL decided one day to be "the painter of the desert." He went to Morocco and discovered the Medina of Fez, a revelation that made him change his goal. For our great pleasure he became "the painter of urban accumulations."  Tirelessly now, he travels in search of cities with true visual identity.  Fez (Morocco), Paris, Sanaa (Yemen), Lyon, Jodhpur (India), Marseille, Naples, Serifos (Greece), New York ... each one of these cities has its own identity, a unique imbrication of harmonious and complex shapes and colors.
Born in Paris in 1955, Olivier Lavorel has been Agronomist for 30 years in the food industry in Britany. He lives from his painting since 2007, and has recently chosen Marseilles as home port.

  • "Paris" - oil on canvass - 97x130 cm

  • "Medina de Fez" (Morocco) - oil on canvass - 60x92cm

  • "New York" - oil on canvass - 97x130cm

  • "Jodhpur" (India) - oil on canvass - 97x130cm

  • "Napoli" - oil on canvass - 97x130cm

  • "Sanaa" (Yemen) - oil on canvass - 97x130cm

  • "Chora à Serifos" (Greece) - oil on canvass - 54x73cm

  • "Marseille" - oil on canvass - 130x97 cm

  • "Toits de Paris" - oil on canvass - 130x97 cm

  • "Grand Paris" - oil on canvass - 97x146 cm