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Jan DE MEY mainly paints seascapes, an inexhaustible source of inspiration for him.  « The sea is really different from day to day and that makes it so exciting. » he says,
« - The beach in winter is completely different than in summer. In summer party, beach cabanas, many people on the dike, atmosphere. Wintry beach scenes are mostly gray skies, desolation, some melancholy, but also beautiful and inspiring. »
Jan De Mey was born in Knokke in 1955; In 1990 he became laureate from the Academy of Bruges, and since has received several awards and honors.

  • "Golfbreker" - 80x80 cm

  • "Meeuwtjes" - 35x45 cm

  • "Staketsel" 100x120 cm

  • "Golfbreker" - 30x50 cm