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Halfway between realism and abstraction, the bronze sculptures of Jan DE GRAAF embody mainly the figures of women and children.  His style is very personal, suggesting a unique and recognized touches of a genuine artist. His inspiration comes from his immediate environment: street scenes and children’s play in a beautiful poetic manner. In his studio located in the heart of Rotterdam, Jan melts his bronzes himself and finishes them with perfect craftsmanship.  The result is that of high quality work, pure and timeless.  A true feast that can be seen and admired at the Chikabee Gallery in December 2015.
Jan de Graaf was born in Dordrecht in 1948.  He graduated from the Rotterdam Academy,  where he currently lives and works, along with his wife Coba Koster, who is an artist as well, and his daughter Sarah who creates astonishing textile coated animals… A genuine family of artists.

  • "Paar IV" - brons h: 35cm

  • "Heemskinderen" - brons h: 42 cm

  • "Celine" - brons 72x32x38 cm

  • "Meisje met schaal" - brons - h: 155 cm