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Halfway between realism and abstraction, the bronze statues of Jan de Graaf embody preferably women and children.  His stylisation is very personal, with the unique and recognisable figurative touch that characterizes a genuine artist. His inspiration comes from his immediate environment, from the street scene, from playing children, which he sublimates with a lot of poetry.
In his atelier, in the hart of Rotterdam, Jan melts his bronzes himself and finishes them jealously with perfect craftsmanship.  The result is high quality work, depurated and timeless, a real  feast which can be admired at Chikabbe Gallery next December.

Jan de Graaf is born in Dordrecht in 1948. He graduated at the Rotterdam Academy, a city where he lives and works, surrounded by his wife Coba Koster, a sculptor herself, and his daughter Sarah who creates astonishing animals in coated textile… A genuine artist’s family. 

The exhibition at Chikabee Art-Galleries (De Haan) is prolongued til January 26, 2014.

  • Jan DE GRAAF - "Free as a bird" - Bronze

  • Jan DE GRAAF - "Bottom up" - Bronze

  • Jan DE GRAAF - "Accrobate" - Bronze & enamels

  • Jan DE GRAAF - "Lena" - Bronze

  • Jan DE GRAAF - "Crawler" - Bronze & enamels

  • Jan DE GRAAF - "Catwalk III" - Bronze

  • Jan DE GRAAF - "Lazy Sunday" - Bronze

  • Jan DE GRAAF - "Ballerina" - Bronze

  • Jan DE GRAAF - "Take five" - Bronze

  • Jan DE GRAAF - "Rocking-horse" - Bronze, enamels & wood