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FRED BELLEFROID - Man rooted in effort
Fred Bellefroid’s work is constructed around concepts of movement tension and space. The conjunction of these three elements results in powerful dynamic representations, including a strong sensation of vitality.  The man has a central position in his sculpture, not as a metaphor of life, but as an expression of life itself ; the space the body feels and explores in sport and game, in dancing and acrobatics, in the rhythm of music, in the rest of posture or in the dynamic of movement.  The statuary of Bellefroid radiates life in an solidified instant, as an accomplished movement or the link of a snapshot. A special attention is thus given to the choice of the instant of a movement or an attitude, in order to retain its rendering spontaneity, strength and tension. That bronze would be the ideal material in order to express this dynamics, these movements, this tension and the feeling of space in a frozen instant, arises almost spontaneously from the transformation that this material undergoes at the time a statue is casted, from a liquid to a solidified life.  Fred Bellefroid was born at Zonhoven (Belgium) in January 1945 and he lives in Leuven. After his sociology studies, he entered the Town Academy of Leuven under the direction of Yves Duchêne. From 1982 on, he participated to numerous private and public expositions, in Belgium and abroad, notably in Brussels, Charleroi, Amsterdam, Munich and Goteborg.

  • "Cyclo" - bronze & oxydated iron - 116 x 58 cm

  • "Tennisman" - bronze & oxydated iron

  • "Gossip" - bronze & oxydated iron

  • "Crossing over" - bronze & oxydated iron

  • "Javeline Throwers" - bronze & oxydated iron

  • "Ramblas" - bronze & oxydated iron - 170 x 26 cm