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Françoise GILLET has a predilection for female and child representations. She succeeds with much refinement to express the beauty and the serenity of her living models.  To realize her bronze sculptures, starting from a clay original work, is a several months taking multi-step delicate and complex process: making of a silicone matrix, model in wax, correction of the wax by the artist, creation of the spruesystem, casting-mould in ceramics, fusing the wax and casting the brons, unmoulding, embossing and finally patinate.
Françoise’s artistic vocation dates from her creative workshops at the grammar school ; it filled her leisure activities during her whole professional carreer. Up to 2005, when she was trained at several sculpture studios and decided to devote herself totally to sculpture.  Françoise Gillet lives and woks in Brussels, the city where she was born.

  • "L'envol" - brons

  • "Enfant du Monde" - brons

  • "Après le bain" - brons

  • "Jouissance" - brons

  • "Petite Inuit et son chien" - brons

  • "Douce pensée" - brons

  • "Bonheur paisible" - brons

  • "En attendant Ethan" - brons