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Fabrice DAL'SECCO is both a sculptor and a founder. This rather rare double skill allows him to control all stages of the implementation of art bronze.  Fabrice has no favourite theme; his inspiration comes from matter and motion. He depicts according to his imagination and humour, faces, silhouettes, animals in situation, slender characters in action or in balance. His bases in steel or stone, are an integral part of his work.
Fabrice Dal'Secco was born in Paris in 1970. Initially a photographer for the automobile press, then a reporter and editor, in 2006 he decided to leave all of it, for his love for art.  Dal'Secco is permanently present in several Parisian galleries, all major Parisian salons, and for the first time in Belgium, at Chikabee art galleries in De Haan, from May 21 to June 30, 2016.