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Originally Emmanuelle LEMETAIS is an interior-designer, graduate from the famous Ecole Boulle of Paris.  For several years she practised as a specialist consultant in furniture design and interior layout.  Her actual paintings, to which she is entirely devoted since 2010, cannot disavow this training and experience.  Her art plays between random colour-spots and the architectural precision of her sketches, with a riot of colour, which gives an exceptional happiness and lightness to her canvasses.  Her urban views, with impeccable perspective, are the result of a precise observation of light, which the artist converts into a multicoloured rythmic symphony.  
Emanuele Lemetais is born in 1970 ; from Normandic origin, she lives and works in Paris.

  • "En haut" - acrylic on canvass - 80x80 cm

  • "Les remparts de St-Malo" - acrylic on canvass - 120x60 cm

  • "Mon coeur balance" - acrylic on canvass - 60x60 cm

  • acrylic on canvass - 90x60 cm

  • acrylic on canvass - 100x100 cm