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Coba KOSTER creates her animal models in clay.  Her beautiful series of bulky bronze hens, ducks and geese demonstrate her affection to poultry. However, she also creates models for such smaller birds as the Huppe and the Roitelet.  These days, Coba is also sculpting mammals. Although Coba’s work radiates liveliness, it is not her objective to make anatomically perfect representations.  Her fingerprints, intentionally left on her works, are a representation of an animal world that goes beyond a simple copie of nature. Born in Coevorden (The Netherlands) in 1951, Coba Koster was trained at the Fine-Arts Academy of Rotterdam.

  • "Haan" (Coq), brons

  • "Pikkende kip" (Poule picorant - Picking hen), brons

  • "Teckel", brons

  • "Ganzenpaar" (Paire d'oies - Pair of geese), brons

  • "Kerkuil" (Effraie - Barn-owl), brons

  • "Vos" (Renard - Fox), brons

  • "Valk" (Faucon - Falcon), brons

  • "Sierduif" (Pigeon - Fancy pigeon), brons

  • "Geit" (Chèvre - Goat), brons

  • "Pauw" (Paon - Peacock), brons