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CHESADE - ‘The Emotion of the Material’
« Sculpting, is touching life » says Chésade.  The topic of archaism associated with shade and light, and the fish symbolic inspire her work deeply.  « For me the material is a poetic language, and the casting a miracle which captures, with the manner of a sediment, all the inprints.  I am not in the anatomical representation but rather in the incredible and imaginary one. »  Bronzes of Chésade are molten according to the lost wax technique, very often with destruction of the model in order to produce a unique specimen. Chésade takes part in every casting operation. She improves the original wax, implements chiselling, defines and controls patinas, whose subtlety and originality are recognizable.
Florence de Flaghac, alias Chésade, was born in Paris in 1960. Graduate from the Paris Academy of Arts, she obtained many distinctions, among them most recently, the Marcel Edouard Sandoz Price in 2012, the Price of America Trophy in 2010, and the Gold Medal at the Salon National des Artistes Animaliers in 2009.

  • "Love fish" - brons, unicum

  • "Combat Crabe" - brons, unicum

  • "Ocean Hippocampus" - brons, unicum

  • "The Cry" - brons, unicum