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Old-timers and films of the 40s and 50s are the passion and inspiration area of Benoit MONTET.  He likes to makeup his paintings as scenarios where characters and decors tell a story. His technique known as "illusionist" is a mixture of realism and impressionism, nourished by his travelling in France and the United States, that allowed him to invent the space and atmosphere of his paintings.  There he found that special light that inspires his color palette.
Born in 1968, Benoit Montet is a true Parisian. After classical studies and five years of academy he created his own style, which provides him today a deserved success.

  • "L'homme à la Pontiac" - olie op doek 75x50 cm

  • "Grand Traffic" - olie op doek 100x80 cm

  • "Fin de journée" - olie op doek 80x40 cm

  • "Jeune femme à la Moto" - olie op doek 60x40 cm

  • "New-York Speed" - olie op doek 100x50 cm

  • "La photo " - olie op doek 60x40 cm

  • "Sport Cars" - olie op doek 40x30 cm

  • "La Versailles" - olie op doek 60x40 cm

  • "2.CV devant le garage" - olie op doek 80x60 cm

  • "La foule" - olie op doek 120x80 cm