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Ben RIKKEN paints mainly landscapes and still lifes. This new exhibition is focusing on his Italian souvenirs. His compositions are peaceful, often panoramic. His colours are fresh and his touch definitely impressionistic, but from nearby, colours and contrasts give an expressionistic feeling.  In this point of view, light is essential ; Ben works from light toward colour.  At last, the result is a new, dynamic and harmonic overall picture.  Ben Rikken is born in 1951. He graduated at the Minerva Academy in Groningen (NL) ; he lives and works in this city. 

  • Ben RIKKEN - "Campo Conventu San Andrea"

  • Ben RIKKEN - "Colle Piazza del Populo"

  • Ben RIKKEN - "Conventu San Andrea"

  • Ben RIKKEN - "Villa Torrigiani"

  • Ben RIKKEN - "Helling van Casole in de ochtend"