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Anita FRANKEN makes mostly female statues.  Young and slender adult women and girls of indefinite age, who stretch their naked bodies, hollow out their backs while twisting a quarter turn, perching themselves on their tips, as if she would like to seem even longer and lighter, slimmer and graceful, in order to escape to the weight of their material, bronze.
No way for Anita Franken to even out the skin of her figurines!  They are modeled with pieces of clay, from which the rough aspect reinforces subjects’ expression. The material becomes taut around muscles and bones, producing the slender and proud attitudes of her sculptures.  Youth, sensuality and innocence are the strong topics of her works.
Born in 1957, Anita Franken studied from 1977 to 1983 at the prestigious Minerva Academy of Groningen (NL). She exhibits regularly in Dutch galleries and several of her works belong already to official collections, notably in those of the Mohlman and Van Lien Museums.
Beside figurines, Anita Franken has produced on demand many high-size bronzes, which find themselves on public squares and gardens, notably in Zuidbroek, Almere and Utrecht.

  • "Puntmuts" - brons 70 cm

  • "Vlinder" - brons 56 cm